The consequent ways of encouraging pleasure in intimate relationships point to the fact that pleasure lies in comfort, things that focus men in areas related to the size of their member and the capacity for satisfaction it gives their partner. In this order, a good intimacy enjoys factors such as good health, nutrition, low stress levels, less taboos if you want children to have sex; this coupled with the fact that there is protection are part of the things that generate psychological comfort. Then, the desire to make love with your partner and the rapport with stimulating play and getting to know each other's erogenous zones, further complement good sex. However, there is still the thought that the bigger the male apparatus the better the sex, but this has its spurs, according to formal studies, that an oversized member causes more problems than pleasure for both men and women, with few exceptions. In this order, if it is your partner think use the mentioned, practice growth techniques that you can find in, and concentrate on pampering your partner with delicacy and manly presence of dominance and security to have the best of sexual pleasure; remember it is not only a matter of size but to know how to use it.